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Adtex Resin Bonded - Haddon Lake, Isle of Wight


Our client, Landscape Designer Phillippa Lambert, stumbled upon a derelict two-acre site containing woodland, a lake and a Victorian walled garden on the Isle of Wight in desperate need of restoration. The site has had a varied history and started out as a Victorian marine residence, which in time was sold to several private owners. The estate later became a hotel and the gardens operated as Tropical Bird park. Finally, in 1999, the Old Park Hotel was sold but the lake site and walled gardens were retained but fell into disrepair.

Phillippa and Steve Lambert bought the Lake House site and walled gardens and after extensive research, the production of a complete restoration proposal and 10 year management plan they were granted planning permission on the condition that it was completed within two years.

On completion, the site was to be used for charity fund raising events, schools and community projects. It’s because of this end result that many suppliers, contractors and manufacturers donated materials.

Design Brief

Adbruf was asked to provide a highly durable, surfacing material that would keep loose stones to a minimum, which matched the Isle of Wight natural stone and could be used for the gravel paths within the walled garden and a sloping path that lead down to the house.

A secondary project was to provide the same material, but for use within a Japanese Courtyard comprising of intricate shapes and colours.

The material had to be suitable for wheelchair access, anti-slip, enhance the natural surroundings and be environmentally friendly as the project was to be in line with ‘green’ practices and have minimal environmental impact.

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Adtex - Adbruf's resin bonded surfacing system
Walled garden & Japanese courtyard - Haddon Lake House, Old Park, St. Lawrence, Isle of Wight
Phillipa & Steve Lambert - lakehousedesign.co.uk
Main Contractor
Brightstone Landscaping Ltd - brightstonelandscaping.co.uk
A resin bound surfacing system forms a a layer between 12 - 25mm thick dependent on the end use of the surface. http://t.co/YS0Lf...