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Coldgrip BBA & Colourgrip Case Study - Malta


Transport Malta produced a tender for work to improve the road safety of a number of arterial roads in Malta. The tender called for a high friction safety surfacing material to be installed at the approaches to the newly developed roundabout junctions and bus stops. An accident had been happening nearly every week at that point of the road, due to the surface being very slippery.

Design Brief

Transport Malta’s tender called for a proprietary system capable of meeting or exceeding the performance requirements for the combination of traffic levels and site conditions within their specification. The specification stated that the system had to comply with Transport Malta Specification Series 900, Clause 924, hold a British Board of Agrément HAPAS Roads and Bridges Certificate, must be capable of meeting the performance requirements regarding traffic levels and site conditions, meet the colour criteria of RAL 3020 and the surface texture requirements.

The aggregate was to be natural coloured or pigmented crushed rock, complying with the Transport Malta specification Series 900, Clause 901 when tested in accordance with the procedures of BS EN 13043. The aggregate was required to a have high Polished Stone Value (PSV).

Transport Malta issued the tender and B.Grima & Sons were awarded the contract, fending off three other competitors, as their offer satisfied all the conditions of the tender.

Coldgrip BBA & Colourgrip Case Study - Malta

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Coldgrip BBA - Adbruf’s BBA/HAPAS Type 1 high friction surfacing system
Works Related to Road Safety Upgrading at Various Arterial Roads: Red Coloured High Friction Surfacing
Transport Malta - www.transport.gov.mt
Main Contractor
B.Grima & Sons Ltd - www.bgs.com.mt
A resin bound surfacing system forms a a layer between 12 - 25mm thick dependent on the end use of the surface. http://t.co/YS0Lf...