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Glossary of Terms

A glassy thermoplastic; can be cast and molded or used in coatings and adhesives
Acrylic urethane hybrid resin
A combination of acrylic and polyurethane resins
A collection of naturally occurring stones, gravel
Application Guide
Step-by-step information detailing how to correctly carry out an installation
Chlorinated rubber
Is a derived product modified from the natural rubber through chlorination.
Coloured Demarcation
Coloured boundary, Coloured division
Epoxy Resin
Adhesive resin system used chiefly in strong coatings and laminates
Excellent adhesion
Very good bonding to a surface
High level of friction
The product is very abrasive in texture thus it has a high percentage of grab under foot. It is therefore slip/skid resistant.
High opacity
Colour Strength, deep colours that are not transparent and retain their depth of colour
Method Statements
How to apply a product successfully
Pot Life
Working time of product, application window, the length of time the applicator has before the product will start to cure in the drum
Product Information Sheets
Background information, technical data, application process
Sticky substance, Glue, Adhesive - Used to bond aggregate to a substrate
Resin Bonded
The process whereby resin (glue) is applied to the substrate and aggregate is scattered on top
Resin Bound
Aggregate is coated with the resin (glue) in a mixer and then trowel applied to the application area
Resin Paving
Refers to Resin Bound and Resin Bonded Surfacing Systems
Short tack-free time
The point at which the paint isn't sticky to touch
Spread rate
The anticipated area that a drum/container of product will cover - coverage rate
Foundation, Base, Surface, Application Area, Installation Area
Twin cure
Dual curing mechanisms - two types of resin that cure by different methods
UV stable
Does not fade when in contact with direct sunlight
A resin bound surfacing system forms a a layer between 12 - 25mm thick dependent on the end use of the surface. http://t.co/YS0Lf...