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AdBand - Preformed Instant Overbanding Tape

Easy to use Preformed Thermoplastic Overbanding Tape
AdBand - Preformed Instant Overbanding Tape
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AdBand - Preformed Instant Overbanding Tape
AdBand - Preformed Instant Overbanding Tape
AdBand - Preformed Instant Overbanding Tape
Product Benefits
Common Uses
  • Quick and easy to apply – requires only one person and a gas flame torch
  • Cost effective
  • Instantly skid resistant
  • Permanently seals cracks and joints in asphalt surfaces
  • Ready to use straight from the box
  • Protects ashpalt from frost damage
  • Protects from the ingress of water
  • Provides a neat finish to any reinstatement work
  • Seals joints and cracks in asphalt surfaces in order to prevent the ingress of water, frost damage and fretting leading to further deterioration.

Product Description


AdBand is a new, easily applied, preformed thermoplastic resin based overbanding tape for sealing cracks and joints in asphalt.

AdBand offers immediate skid resistance whilst preventing the ingress of water which would otherwise lead to frost damage, fretting and further deterioration. The use of AdBand allows joint sealing on new and old asphalt and on highway reinstatements to be carried out and fully sealed quickly and easily all in one site visit.

AdBand requires no bulky pre-heaters, only a gas flame torch using readily available fuel such as propane or butane. It is quick and easy to apply. As soon as it has cooled and hardened, the asphalt surface can be reopened for use. The whole process takes only minutes for any given application.

It is easy to apply by one person. The fact that no truck mounted equipment is necessary and only a gas torch and gas cylinder are required makes it ideal for sites with difficult access or working time constraints. AdBand is ideal for small or medium sized highway repairs and reinstatements.

AdBand has a textured, aggregated surface in order to provide immediate high skid resistance. Once applied, its matt appearance is beneficial in avoiding confusion with road markings in wet night conditions by vehicle drivers.

Product Variations


Supplied in boxes of 9 rolls (roll length 5 metres, width 35mm)

A resin bound surfacing system forms a a layer between 12 - 25mm thick dependent on the end use of the surface. http://t.co/YS0Lf...