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Life Extender for Asphalt
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Product Benefits
Common Uses
  • Available in 5 Litre and 25 Litre sizes
  • Reduces and delays the onset of brittleness in asphalt thus prolonging its life
  • Helps prevent cracking, stone loss and eventual failure
  • Reverses the effects of asphalt oxidation
  • Replaces mineral oils lost through weathering
  • Revives colour
  • Improves flexibility
  • Standardises the appearance of different adjacent surfacing treatments
  • Penetrates deeply
  • Stays active for years
  • Easy to apply by roller or spray
  • Quick drying

Specific areas of use include asphalt (bitumen based) substrates on:

  • Public highways
  • Airports and airfields
  • Footpaths/sidewalks
  • Cycleways
  • Private roads and driveways
  • Car parks
  • School playgrounds
  • Sports courts
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Product Description


Renuphalt is a preservative and restorer with a unique formulation which is proven to slow the ageing and deterioration of asphalt (a.k.a. bituminous or tarmacadam) paved surfaces, to restore appearance and to maintain skid resistance, thus prolonging their effective life. Renuphalt is a cold-applied treatment.

Renuphalt is aimed at all stakeholders who seek to maintain the condition and value of their highway, car park or driveway asset including highway authorities, commercial and domestic property owners.

Everything outside comes under attack from ‘weathering’ agents such as precipitation, ultraviolet (UV) light and air. Asphalt is constantly exposed and deteriorates over time. Whilst the aggregate components of asphalt are inert, the important bitumen binder degrades over time and the effect of this is to make the paved surface dull in colour, brittle and less able to self-heal. Small cracks follow which quickly develop into much bigger cracks and potholes.  If left untreated, the result is total loss of the surface course and further water ingress into the pavement construction with the potential for more damage. In independent comparative tests, the application of Renuphalt to an asphalt surface after the equivalent of 3-5 years ageing and before any damage was evident was proven to slow the ageing process and to actually reduce its brittleness, thus extending the useful life of the asphalt.

For large highway installations, for reasons of speed and efficiency, Renuphalt should be applied by spray. For smaller scale applications and where time pressures are not so pressing, Renuphalt is simple to apply by roller.

Renuphalt is formulated for use on all sound, asphalt substrates. It is easy to apply, is quick drying and provides clear benefits in extending the life of the asphalt and in reviving its appearance.

Renuphalt contains petroleum fractions and additional constituents which have been carefully selected to achieve the maximum penetration into the asphalt substrate and to preserve it by the replacement of key components lost through the ageing process. Renuphalt reduces water ingress, slows the ageing process and restores colour. In addition, fine inorganic fillers are incorporated in order to fill minor defects, to enhance the surface finish and to preserve skid resistance.

Renuphalt is available in black, oxide red and unpigmented. Other colours are available upon request. 

A resin bound surfacing system forms a a layer between 12 - 25mm thick dependent on the end use of the surface. http://t.co/YS0Lf...