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Resin Paving Types


Resin paving (or resin surfacing) is a functional and very attractive type of surfacing for private properties or public areas. Resin paving imaginatively combines aggregates and binders selected for their appearance and durability to create beautiful surfaces.

Resin paving is becoming increasingly popular compared with more traditional types of paving based around concrete or asphalt, resin paving offers many new options for colour and texture.

'Resin paving' is a general term to cover paving systems consisting of fine graded aggregate and resin binders. However, there are two different types of resin paving - 'resin bound aggregate' or 'resin bound' for short and 'resin bonded aggregate' or 'resin bonded' for short. Each system has a different finish and application method.

Resin Bound 

Resin bound aggregate paving systems are those where the two components of the resin binder are blended to initiate a curing process. Selected types and grades of aggregates are then mixed together with the binder and the combined mixture is then placed, levelled, compacted and smoothed by trowel to produce a smooth, durable surface. To find out more, click on the 'Resin Bound Paving' button.

Resin Bonded 

Resin bonded aggregate paving systems are created by first mixing the two components of the resin binder system then applying it to the road, path or driveway substrate and spreading it evenly by serrated squeegee. When it is level, aggregate is scattered onto it until the resin is totally covered. Once the resin has hardened, excess aggregate is swept off to reveal the aggregate bonded to the surface beneath. Because no trowelling or finishing is carried out, the bonded aggregate stands proud of the substrate and is coarse to the touch compared with a resin bound system. To find out more, click on the 'Resin Bonded Paving' button.

From Patios to Palaces

Resin paving binders are widely used in many countries and in many prestigious locations including palaces, stately homes and mansions but also private homes, commercial properties, schools, public parks as well as in many other public and private settings.

Who are We?

We're a formulator, manufacturer and supplier of specialist resin binder systems based in Stalbridge in the United Kingdom. our experience in this field stretches back over 50 years and has its beginnings in high friction (or 'anti-skid') paving for highways. From this demanding technical, performance-driven background emerged the resin paving systems that are used today.

Our resin products have been formulated specifically for use as binders in resin bonded and resin bound aggregate paving systems and are manufactured under a BSI audited ISO 9001:2008 quality management system at our factory in the United Kingdom. We have many years' experience in shipping products throughout the world.

A resin bound surfacing system forms a a layer between 12 - 25mm thick dependent on the end use of the surface. http://t.co/YS0Lf...