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Retrolux High Performance Glass Beads For Road Marking

Highly Reflective Glass Beads for Road Markings
Retrolux High Performance Glass Beads For Road Marking
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Product Benefits
Common Uses
  • Enhanced initial retro reflectivity
  • Balanced particle size for easy flow
  • Can be applied using conventional mechanical application equipment or hand application methods
  • Class leading retroreflectivity
  • Embedment easily achieved

Retrolux glass beads provide enhanced retroreflectivity to road marking materials.

Retrolux is suitable for all types of road line marking coatings including thermoplastic, chlorinated rubber (CR) paint, methyl methacrylate (MMA), single pack epoxy etc. Retrolux imparts high retroreflectivity which makes the road marking more visible to the driver at night.

Product Description


Retrolux is our range of high performance glass beads with high refractive indices which impart excellent retroreflectivity to newly applied road marking lines.

Retrolux is applied as a drop-on medium to the wet line before cooling, drying or curing, depending on which system is used. Retrolux glass beads should be applied immediately after the road marking has been laid whilst it is still wet.

All Retrolux glass beads conform to BS EN 1423 and are sold packaged in 25 kg approx. sacks for ease of handling.

Retrolux is available in standard Class A and Class B grades and also in different grades having a higher refractive index, for use on the most challenging sites where improving road safety is of paramount importance.

You can view product information online in our download centre.


  • BS EN 1423

Retrolux High Performance Glass Beads For Road Marking

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