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StoneRez HD Superior Resin Bound Surfacing

StoneRez HD Superior Resin Bound Surfacing
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StoneRez HD Superior Resin Bound Surfacing
StoneRez HD Superior Resin Bound Surfacing
StoneRez HD Superior Resin Bound Surfacing
StoneRez HD Superior Resin Bound Surfacing
StoneRez HD Superior Resin Bound Surfacing
Product Benefits
Common Uses
  • Luxuriously elegant
  • Gentle and safe underfoot
  • Beautiful colours, shades and textures
  • Free draining – no ponding
  • Clear, high performance resin binder
  • Highly UV resistant
  • High compressive strength
  • Exceptionally durable
  • Flexible
  • Suitable for all climates
  • Chlorine resistant

StoneRez HD is a binder system for resin bound aggregate surfacing which has higher performance than conventional resin bound surfacing binder systems. Because of this, more options are available in the look of the installed complete resin bound aggregate surfacing system. StoneRez HD is aimed at installations where visual appeal and exceptional performance in use is of the utmost importance. Its strength, colour stability and chemical resistance make it ideally suited for use in paved areas such as driveways, walkways, patios, tree pits, swimming pool surrounds and other such situations in all climates.


Product Description


StoneRez HD is a new resin binder system for use in resin bound aggregate paving which has been developed specifically for use in the most demanding of situations and in the most aggressive climates throughout the world. It can be used in any resin bound aggregate paving mix where other grades of resin binder would have otherwise been used but with the advantage of having superior light and heat stability meaning that looks and performance can be maintained.  When resin bound aggregate paving using StoneRez HD as its binder is used as a swimming pool surround, its typically pervious characteristics mean that it can eliminate ponding whilst concealing poolside drainage measures. This enhances the overall appearance and underfoot safety.

StoneRez HD resin binder would typically be blended with high quality graded aggregates from Adbruf's range of mixes and then laid to create a stunning finished surface. Aggregates are typically naturally coloured gravels, granites or basalts and many more - the possibilities are virtually limitless. The StoneRez HD binder is the key to the class-leading performance that the system achieves because it is very strong, heat stable and UV stable, qualities that are difficult to find together in a conventional resin system. This is because StoneRez HD resin is based on new technology, not seen before in this field. 

The properties of the binder mean that a wide range of aggregates and other materials can be employed either to provide visual impact or to blend with the surroundings. This range means that interesting colours and textures can be achieved from the careful selection and blending of the components. Indeed, blends can be created that are unique to a given installation.

Product Variations


The StoneRez HD resin binder system is marketed as a single grade in a pack size of 3.6kg which is suitable for aggregate mixes of up to 100kg.

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